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Release: Bunyip set free in Chicago, IL

Bunyip is on its way North to Chicago. Farewell and bon chance.

Release: Octopus set free in Bloomington, IN

Octopus is Germany and Belgium-bound. When Oktoberfest calls, octopus listens... or something like that.

News: Zebra Returns!!!

We're pleased to report the return of Zebra, the first camera to make it back home. We'll be posting the pictures here as soon as we can. Big thanks to everyone who passed Zebra along!

Release: Horse set free in Washington DC, DC

Horse, the newest camera out of the Phototag stable is now on its way East to Washington D.C.

News: New Camera Clutch

Eight new cameras are ready for the world. They are gorilla, horse, newt, shark, tiger, bunyip, octopus, and wolf.

News: More animal-cams to be released

Soon a new batch of PhotoTag cams will be released into the wild. They are wombat, owl, lemming and kangaroo.

Release: Gorilla set free in Miami, FL

Gorilla rides the friendly skies -- Miami bound.

Contact: Zebra spotted in fultonville, NY

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News: Phototag Blurb

There's a little blurb about phototag in Susan's Lost Soul Companion newsletter if you have a hankering to get your read on.

News: Article about Phototag

I wrote up a little article about phototag for Susan's online newsletter updating her readers on the state of phototag. As of the writing of this article there are 14 cameras in circulation some as old as 10 months. You can read the full article here at Susan's Lost Soul Companion website.
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