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Contact: Shark spotted in North Pole, Alaska

I  apologize  for  this  being  posted  so  late  but  I  have  been  SO  busy!!  =)  Anyway,  I  live  on  Eielson  AFB,  Alaska  but  decided  to  take  a  picture  of  the  world's  tallest  Santa  Claus  in  North  Pole  (about  10-15  minutes  away.)  The  Santa  Claus  is  right  outside  of  the  Santa  Claus  House,  which  is  a  huge  tourist  attraction.  I  gave  Shark  away  to  a  man  in  Santaland  RV  park  next  to  the  Santa  Claus  House.  He  told  me  that  he  was  from  Illinois  and  he  was  going  to  be  leaving  Alaska  in  a  week.  He  promised  to  take  Shark  caribou  hunting  with  him.  So....maybe  Shark  will  see  his  first  caribou!
Oh  but  before  I  go,  I  have  to  tell  a  funny  story.  I  had  emailed  Rick  and  asked  him  to  send  me  a  camera.  Since  my  memory  is  not  at  its  peak  all  the  time  *s*,  I  forgot  about  it.  I  got  a  package  in  the  mail  a  couple  months  later  and  when  I  opened  it,  it  was  a  tea  box.  I  get  a  lot  of  samples,  so  I  thought  it  was  tea  and  put  it  in  the  cupboard.  Later,  I  was  going  to  try  the  tea,  and  when  I  opened  it,  I  saw  my  camera    and  everything  came  rushing  back  to  me!  I  felt  like  the  world's  biggest  dork.  =)  Thanks  for  sending  me  the  camera,  Rick!

Contact: Chimp spotted in Miami Beach, Florida

Well,  on  Sat.  September  15th  a  few  of  my  friends  (  threw  a  party  at  South  Point  park  in  Miami  Beach.  It  was  such  a  cool  time.  We  had  about  6  different  people  spinning  electro  breaks,  plenty  of  beer,  hamburgers,  laughter  and  plenty  of  fun.  It  was  also  a  beautiful  day  outside.  I  decided  to  take  a  picture  of  some  people  jamming  out  on  our  tiki  hut  dance  floor  then  i  left  the  camera  on  a  picnic  table  hoping  that  someone  would  pick  it  up  and  use  it.  I  noticed  on  chimp's  last  posting,  that  my  friend  Emil  took  a  picture  and  passed  it  along.  This  is  a  fantastic  idea  and  maybe  you  should  send  another  camera  to  good  ol'  Miami!

Release: Rabbit set free in New York City, NY

Rabbit was released late in the night beneath the glimmering triumphal video screens of Times Square. Bon Voyage!

Release: Lizard set free in Washington, DC

Lizard was released to a friendly terminal manager in the Pentagon subway stop in Washington, D.C.

Release: Frog set free in Boston, MA

Frog escaped into the world on the northeast steps of Boston Common.

Release: Owl set free in Bloomington, IN

Owl left its nest on New Year's Eve, 2000 to kick off the new millennium. Owl started its journey in Bloomington, In and now heads to points unknown...

Release: Wolf set free in Berkeley, CA

Wolf makes its way westward to Berkeley, California.

Contact: Chimp spotted in medley, fl


Release: Tiger set free in Stockton, CA

Tiger is now migrating to Stockton, CA.

Contact: Horse spotted in Washington, District of Columbia

I  realize  the  date  that  Horse  is  passed  occurs  in  the  future.  I'm  trying  to  find  a  reliable  stable  hand  here  in  DC  and  think  I'll  have  better  luck  finding  a  kind  stranger  in  a  couple  of  days...if  not  I'm  shipping  him  to  parts  elsewhere.  Horse  had  a  great  Labor  Day.  He  attended  a  Pre  Labor  Day  party  where  he  got  passed  a  time  or  two  while  a  bunch  of  maladjusted  twenty-somethings  attempted  to  play  kickball,  whiffleball,  and  frisbee  at  the  same  time.  He  got  left  behind  once  the  hooligans  discovered  that  there  was  all  sorts  of  food  and  booze  to  be  had...and  the  next  morning  I  actually  had  a  horse  sleeping  under  the  chair  in  my  living  room.

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