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News: Toad comes home...

Toad, released after a lunch break game of Go, has finally come home (after 663 days).

News: Turtle: Around the World in 718 Days

Turtle has returned home after 718 days! Turtle traveled from Boston to India and points unknown.

News: Shark Returns Home!

On Tuesday May 6th, Shark made it home from a very long journey. Starting near the North Pole in Alaska, it appears that this camera passed through at least Hawaii and Connecticut before making its way back to Indiana. This camera spent 609 days in circulation! Special thanks to the US Postal Service for taking such good care of 'shark'!

News: Read about PhotoTag in the Wall Street Journal

There is a great article by Jennifer Saranow on PhotoTag, Where's George and Bookcrossing in the Wall Street Journal. Check it out! The scoop on PhotoTag is in the middle of the article.

Contact: Sheep spotted in Florence, MA

this  picture  is  of  my  co-worker,  unpacking  a  shipment  of  material  from  Guatamala.  He  is  modeling  our  latest  hit  -  the  devil  hat.  

I  handed  the  picture  off  to  him  -  it's  up  to  him  to  keep  it  going!  I  received  the  camera  after  someone  else  having  it  for  a  YEAR.  What  a  slacker!

Contact: Beaver spotted in New York, New York

I  snapped  a  picture  of  the  Wall  Street  Journal  Online  newsroom  because  that's  where  I  work  and  where  I  learned  all  about  Phototag.
I  think  it's  a  fascinating  idea  and  can't  wait  to  see  where  this  camera  goes!

Contact: Vole spotted in Bloomington, IN

I  was  the  second  person  to  get  the  camera,I  got  it  from  Janice  Ho.
I  took  a  picture  of  the  camera  with  my  digital  camera  and  had  the  image  blown  up.  Then....  I  took  a  picture  of  the  picture  of  the  Phototag  camera,with  the  phototag  camera  so  it  would  look  like  it  took  a  picture  of  itself  (which  would  be  impossible)
Hope  It  finds  its  way  home.

Contact: Horse spotted in Washington, DC

My  sister-in-law  mailed  me  the  camera  months  and  months  ago,  and  it  sat  there,  staring  at  me  reproachfully  from  the  kitchen  shelf,  while  I  dithered  and  dithered  about  what  sort  of  picture  to  take.  Finally,  after  throwing  a  baby  shower  for  a  friend  of  mine,  a  few  of  us  were  sitting  around  my  living  room  watching  the  cat  wreak  havoc  with  the  party  detritus,  piles  of  boxes  and  wrapping  paper.  The  cat  kept  moving  from  adorable  position  to  adorable  position,  so  I  leapt  up  to  get  the  camera  -  this  was  photo-worthy,  or  at  least,  pretty  damn  cute.  Once  I  had  the  camera  in  hand  however,  the  cat,  in  the  way  of  all  felines,  refused  to  perform.  So,  in  desperation,  I  snapped  a  random  picture  of  him,  threw  the  camera  at  one  of  my  best  friends,  saying,  "fine,  now  it's  the  millstone  around  YOUR  neck!"

Contact: Hawk spotted in kansas city, mo

Contact: Hawk spotted in Kansas City, MO

Rick  from  PhotoTag  was  kind  enough  to  mail  me  Hawk,  and  I  took  my  sweet  time  in  handing  it  off  to  someone  else.  Also  took  way  too  many  pictures,  I'm  sure.  My  wife  Kaori  and  I  went  to  San  Francisco  on  business,  and  took  pics  of  SF  Bay,  the  Golden  Gate  bridge,  some  seagulls  that  followed  our  bay  cruise  boat  around  on  that  very  windy  day,  the  sea  lion  colony  at  Pier  39,  Alcatraz  Island,  and  several  pics  up  and  down  the  Haight-Ashbury  district  as  I  recall.

I  handed  Hawk  off  to  the  Nick  Vedros  commercial  photography  studio  in  downtown  Kansas  city.  Nick  is  a  neighbor  and  acquaintance  of  mine,  and  one  of  the  top  advertising  photographers  in  the  world.  You've  probably  seen  a  lot  of  his  work  and  just  don't  know  it.  Hopefully,  he  or  his  interns  will  take  a  few  minutes  out  of  their  busy  schedule  and  contribute  some  creative  work  via  Hawk.

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