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News: Toad comes home...

Toad, released after a lunch break game of Go, has finally come home (after 663 days).

Contact: Toad spotted in Chicago, IL

Our  camera  was  given  to  us  by  a  houseguest.    We  took  our  picture  from  the  top  of  the  ferris  wheeel  at  Chicago's  Navy  Pier.    We  handed  toad  off  to  some  strangers  at  the  end  of  the  pier.    
Good  luck  Toad!!!

Contact: Toad spotted in Chicago, IL

I  took  two  pictures.    oops.    One  was  right  after  I  got  it  from  Rick  (aka  Camera  daddy),  and  it  was  a  close  up  (sure  to  be  very  out  of  focus  and  overexposed)  of  a  few  empty  coffee  creamer  containers  sitting  on  the  table  at  The  Runcible  Spoon  in  Bloomington,  Indiana.    Later  I  forgot  about  the  "one  shot  per  person"  rule  and  took  a  picture  of  one  of  my  dogs,  "Pixel",  eating  her  breakfast.    I  was  gonna  send  the  camera  to  a  friend  near  Boston,  but  instead  took  it  Chicago  this  past  weekend,  and  gave  it  to  the  freinds  we  were  staying  with  (Kasey  and  Angela).    They  took  a  shot  from  the  top  of  the  big  ferris  wheel  on  Navy  Peer,  and  then  handed  it  off  to  strangers.    Hope  little  Toad  makes  it  back  home  someday!

Release: Toad set free in Bloomington, IN

Toad with a belly full of tea makes its way into the big scary world. Hopalong little feller....

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