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Contact: Snake spotted in Fort Myers, FL

This  was  really  cool.  Someone  left  it  at  our  resteraunt  in  
Ft.  Myers  Beach.  Fl  they  must  have  been  on  vacation  or  something?
Anyways  we  all  took  a  picture  with  our  green  beers  because  it  was  
St  Patricks  day!  We  all  went  out  and  got  drunk  and  gave  the  camera  away.
It  was  really  hard  to  do  that!

Contact: Snake spotted in Indianapolis, IN

After  searching  around  the  Indianapolis  area  for  a  decent  photo  opportunity  I  decided  on  a  scene  of  the  Indiana  State  House  with  a  shadow  onto  an  adjacent  government  building.    The  camera  has  since  been  handed  off  to  a  friend  and  co-worker  to  travel  south  in  search  of  warmer  weather.    Did  somebody  say  "SPRING  BREAK!?"

Release: Snake set free in Bloomington, IN

The latest release: Snake

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