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News: Shark Returns Home!

On Tuesday May 6th, Shark made it home from a very long journey. Starting near the North Pole in Alaska, it appears that this camera passed through at least Hawaii and Connecticut before making its way back to Indiana. This camera spent 609 days in circulation! Special thanks to the US Postal Service for taking such good care of 'shark'!

Contact: Shark spotted in North Pole, Alaska

I  apologize  for  this  being  posted  so  late  but  I  have  been  SO  busy!!  =)  Anyway,  I  live  on  Eielson  AFB,  Alaska  but  decided  to  take  a  picture  of  the  world's  tallest  Santa  Claus  in  North  Pole  (about  10-15  minutes  away.)  The  Santa  Claus  is  right  outside  of  the  Santa  Claus  House,  which  is  a  huge  tourist  attraction.  I  gave  Shark  away  to  a  man  in  Santaland  RV  park  next  to  the  Santa  Claus  House.  He  told  me  that  he  was  from  Illinois  and  he  was  going  to  be  leaving  Alaska  in  a  week.  He  promised  to  take  Shark  caribou  hunting  with  him.  So....maybe  Shark  will  see  his  first  caribou!
Oh  but  before  I  go,  I  have  to  tell  a  funny  story.  I  had  emailed  Rick  and  asked  him  to  send  me  a  camera.  Since  my  memory  is  not  at  its  peak  all  the  time  *s*,  I  forgot  about  it.  I  got  a  package  in  the  mail  a  couple  months  later  and  when  I  opened  it,  it  was  a  tea  box.  I  get  a  lot  of  samples,  so  I  thought  it  was  tea  and  put  it  in  the  cupboard.  Later,  I  was  going  to  try  the  tea,  and  when  I  opened  it,  I  saw  my  camera    and  everything  came  rushing  back  to  me!  I  felt  like  the  world's  biggest  dork.  =)  Thanks  for  sending  me  the  camera,  Rick!

Release: Shark set free in Eielson AFB, AK

Shark has departed for the northernmost state of Alaska where unknown adventures await. Adios!

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