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Contact: Owl spotted in Sydney, NSW

Owl  flew  into  Australia  via  the  US  earlier  in  the  year.  Eventually  owl  travelled  with  me  to  London,  UK  where  a  few  photo  was  taken.  Then  back  in  Sydney,  Australia  where  a  friend  took  Owl  for  a  week...  then  FINALLY!  Owl  came  back  to  me  where  I  sent  him  onwards  and  upwards  to  home  (USA).  I  wonder  if  this  is  the  furthest  an  Owl  has  travelled?

Contact: Owl spotted in Phoenix, AZ

When  I  got  the  camera,  being  a  photographer  I  was  very  much  excited.  It's  a  wonderful  idea!!  I  lived  in  Phoenix  at  the  time  and  just  wanted  to  take  something  that  was  not  desert.  I  took  a  picture  of  a  man  playing  with  a  bango  in  front  of  the  library.  More  interesting  then  it  sounds,  just  wait  to  see.  I  had  to  share  the  camera  with  those  so  far  away,  to  see  what  they  see.  Since  I  haven't  been  there  myself.  It  should  have  travelled  to  London  and  Sydney,  and  shortly  the  Owl  will  be  flying  back  to  the  states.  Where  I  will  receive  it  again  in  my  new  location  of  Los  Angeles,  I  will  hand  it  over  to  someone  else  once  again.  I'm  very  excited  to  see  the  pictures.  I  hope  they  are  as  imaginative  as  the  idea  of  the  camera  itself.
Good  jobs  folks.

Contact: Owl spotted in Chicago, IL

I  was  captivated  by  a  local  clip  joint  in  Chicago  that  was  just  below  our  hotel  with  the  oh  so  catchy  name  of  Curl  Up  and  Dye.  I  think  that  says  it  all.  The  camera  was  then  handed  off  to  a  friend  for  a  photo  op  on  the  long  ride  home.  I  think  this  is  great...I  can't  wait  to  see  where  my  little  owl  friend  ends  up.  It  was  hard  to  let  him  go.  Farewell  owl...til  we  meet  again.

Release: Owl set free in Bloomington, IN

Owl left its nest on New Year's Eve, 2000 to kick off the new millennium. Owl started its journey in Bloomington, In and now heads to points unknown...

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