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Contact: Kangaroo spotted in St. Louis, MO

great  project!  i  was  handed  kangaroo  in  bloomington,  did  not  take  a  picture  but  passed  it  to  a  friend  who  passed  it  to  another  b-town  kid  who  handed  it  back  to  me..  i  then  made  my  way  back  to  salem,  illinois.  i  was  going  to  pass  kangaroo  to  my  mom  but  she  took  a  pic  before  i  did  (#3  while  still  in  the  car--a  typical  scene  of  everyday  life)..  i  then  took  a  picture  (#4  typical  visions,  a  particular  friend  in  the  backyard),  and  then  passed  it  along  to  some  really  cool  girls  in  st.louis..  sorry  it  got  all  backwards!

Release: Kangaroo set free in Bloomington, IN

Kangaroo was released in Bloomington and is now on its way westward to Champaign, IL.

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