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Contact: Horse spotted in Washington, DC

My  sister-in-law  mailed  me  the  camera  months  and  months  ago,  and  it  sat  there,  staring  at  me  reproachfully  from  the  kitchen  shelf,  while  I  dithered  and  dithered  about  what  sort  of  picture  to  take.  Finally,  after  throwing  a  baby  shower  for  a  friend  of  mine,  a  few  of  us  were  sitting  around  my  living  room  watching  the  cat  wreak  havoc  with  the  party  detritus,  piles  of  boxes  and  wrapping  paper.  The  cat  kept  moving  from  adorable  position  to  adorable  position,  so  I  leapt  up  to  get  the  camera  -  this  was  photo-worthy,  or  at  least,  pretty  damn  cute.  Once  I  had  the  camera  in  hand  however,  the  cat,  in  the  way  of  all  felines,  refused  to  perform.  So,  in  desperation,  I  snapped  a  random  picture  of  him,  threw  the  camera  at  one  of  my  best  friends,  saying,  "fine,  now  it's  the  millstone  around  YOUR  neck!"

Contact: Horse spotted in Minneapolis, MN

I  may,  or  may  have  not,  have  taken  two  photos  with  the  camera.  I  know,  I  know,  you're  only  supposed  to  take  one.  But  I  fear  that  the  first  one  might  have  been  a  seriously  boring  one  of  me  and  my  husband.  So,  I  felt  that  to  be  on  the  safe  side,  I  would  make  up  for  it  by  taking  one  of  a  celebrity!  Mary  Tyler  Moore  was  in  Mpls  today  for  the  unveiling  of  TVLand's  statue  of  her.  If  it  actually  came  out,  both  MTM  and  said  statue  should  be  included.

I  was  given  the  camera  by  a  friend  who  I  originally  met  at  college  in  good  old  Bloomington,  Ind,  and  will  be  passing  it  along  to  another  college  friend  of  ours...who  is  now  my  sister  in  lil  camera  is  off  to  Wash,  DC!

I  admit  I  thought  receiving  this  thing  was  a  pain  and  was  kind  of  uninspired,  but  I'm  sure  I'll  like  seeing  the  photos  once  they  make  it  back.  It  is  a  cool  idea.

Go,  horse,  go!  

Contact: Horse spotted in Washington, District of Columbia

I  realize  the  date  that  Horse  is  passed  occurs  in  the  future.  I'm  trying  to  find  a  reliable  stable  hand  here  in  DC  and  think  I'll  have  better  luck  finding  a  kind  stranger  in  a  couple  of  days...if  not  I'm  shipping  him  to  parts  elsewhere.  Horse  had  a  great  Labor  Day.  He  attended  a  Pre  Labor  Day  party  where  he  got  passed  a  time  or  two  while  a  bunch  of  maladjusted  twenty-somethings  attempted  to  play  kickball,  whiffleball,  and  frisbee  at  the  same  time.  He  got  left  behind  once  the  hooligans  discovered  that  there  was  all  sorts  of  food  and  booze  to  be  had...and  the  next  morning  I  actually  had  a  horse  sleeping  under  the  chair  in  my  living  room.

Release: Horse set free in Washington DC, DC

Horse, the newest camera out of the Phototag stable is now on its way East to Washington D.C.

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