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Contact: Dolphin spotted in Taipei,

Dolphin  was  released  on  a  Mass  Rapid  Transit  train  in  South  Taipei  near  the  city  zoo  during  the  last  week  of  October,  2001.??i  gave  it  to  two  young  ladies  in  school  uniforms.??they  know  at  least  a  little  English  and  i  tried  to  explain  the  project  to  them.??At  first  i  tried  to  just  ditch  the  camera  on  the  train  but  a  train  operator  returned  it  to  me.??it  may  not  make  the  return  voyage  as  it  had  US  postage  instead  of  ROC.

Release: Dolphin set free in Bloomington, IN

Dolphin is traveling as a stow-away to the Republic of China, Taiwan from Bloomington, IN USA.

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