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Contact: Bunyip spotted in Los Angeles, CA

I  shot    an  abandoned  car  wreckage  yard  in  29  palms,  don't  think  anyone  else  has  been  out  there  in  years...should  be  good..handed  little  bunyip  off  to  brother,  very  trust  worthy...should  surface  soon!

Contact: Bunyip spotted in chicago, il

haven't  given  it  away  yet.    going  with  me  to  the  cicero  freight  yards..  i  really  on  *accident*  took  my  first  picture  (was  wound  up  and  snapped.  click[no  flash]).    so  i'm  holding  the  camera  hostage  until  i  find  a  good  day  to  paint  trains.    chi  jait

Release: Bunyip set free in Chicago, IL

Bunyip is on its way North to Chicago. Farewell and bon chance.

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