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News: Zebra Returns!!!

We're pleased to report the return of Zebra, the first camera to make it back home. We'll be posting the pictures here as soon as we can. Big thanks to everyone who passed Zebra along!

Contact: Zebra spotted in ???, IN

Well  Zebra  was  in  hibernation  for  about  2  months  from  making  the  long  trip  to  Milwaukee.  But  then  for  a  week  I  went  on  the  road  with  my  dad  who  is  a  truck  driver.    I  took  a  pic  of  the  mirror  on  the  truck...kinda  hard  to  describe...going  foward  looking  backward
I  tried  to  pass  it  off  to  a  lady  in  a  truck  stop  but  she  thought  I  was  nuts  (which  I  am  anyway)  so  I  told  the  waitress  about  it  and  she  said  I  could  leave  it  on  the  counter  for  the  next  person  who  sat  there.    So  now  Zebra  is  in  the  trucking  community...God  only  knows  where  he  will  end  up.

P.S    It  was  either  in  OH  or  IN  where  I  left  him...could  not  remember

Contact: Zebra spotted in fultonville, NY

pics  of  co-workers    a  friend    i  was  at  work  i  think  this  is  funny  as  hell  and  a    great  idea    much  better  then  chain  letters

Release: Zebra set free in Milwaukee, WI

Zebra is on its way to Milwaukee, WI where adventures await.

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